American booster: Ukraine's post-industrial transition will be under US protectorate

It is paradoxical, but the use of the newly elected "green populists" lies in their incompetence. The more elastic a glove is, the easier it is to be ruled. ZE Project is a joint-stock company owned by Americans. Despite the stupid things of the new power, Ukraine's strategic development is unchanged.


For your and our Freedom! За вашу і нашу свободу!
For your and our Freedom! За вашу і нашу свободу!

Global trend and Ukrainian peculiarity

Humanity is on the verge of a new socio-economic formation. Most post-industrial innovations are concentrated in the United States. However, the systematic realization of  a new life will take place in Ukraine as the advantage of a "clean sheet" works.

But how? The birth of a post-industrial person is like the birth of a butterfly from a doll.  Such metamorphoses are always extremely dangerous, moreover you have to join Mordor.

There was hope that Petro Poroshenko would become President again and continue his cautious reforms. In the conditions of relative stability the embryo of a new civilizations is formed - like a young sprout ripens in an old fruit.

But the victory of ZE Project means that everything will happen in a forced mode and quite differently.

The global trend of transition to a new formation in Ukraine will be implemented in a very unique way.

This uniqueness begins with the fact that in 2019 the highest political post in Ukraine was taken by a person who had not been involved in politics and even interested in politics so far.

The 2019 elections initiated the process of forming the Verkhovna Rada which can be incompetent as well.

The newly elected state power is neither able to support the existing type of state nor to create a new one. As for the post-industrial state these people do not even know such words. Ukraine is now in a situation where the old system is almost gone and the new system hasn't been formed yet. How to bridge this gap?

The answer is: this is a transition of Ukraine to post-industrial civilization that will take place under the decisive influence of the United States, the most powerful nation on the planet.

But why? Because the very existence of the United States depends on the existence of a strong, sovereign, successful Ukraine.

The vital interest of the United States

It should be reminded that the greatest threat to the United States is the formation of the Continental bloc. More than twenty years ago Zbigniew Brzezinski warned about this threat. In his book "The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives" he wrote about a possibility of a major realignment of forces in Europe, which is either a secret German-Russian collusion or the formation of a French-Russian alliance... The combined Eurasian power can overlap the American power.

He wrote:

“Ukraine, a new and important space on the Eurasian chessboard, is a geopolitical pivot because its very existence as an independent country helps to transform Russia. Without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be a Eurasian empire”.

One more quote:

“However, if Moscow regains control over Ukraine, with its 52 million people and major resources as well as access to the Black Sea, Russia automatically again regains the wherewithal to become a powerful state, spanning Europe and Asia”.

This possibility is already being realized in the worst-case scenario for the United States, namely in the formation of Paris-Berlin-Moscow-Beijing axis. If it is finally constituted it will be the end of the USA: not only as the world leader but possibly even as an integral state.

And Americans know it. Therefore it is vital for them that Ukraine would become a strong and independent nation as well as an active geopolitical player. Only such Ukraine can cut off the EU from its merger with Russia and China in the anti-American Continental bloc.

For this reason the USA will never surrender Ukraine. Now we are connected by a matter of life and death, we have a common destiny.

The vital interest of Ukraine

Ukraine can stand only as a post-industrial state because the new formation is much more effective.

On the stage of deep transformation and under the conditions of Moscow aggression Ukraine needs a large scale of external support including force protection and advanced technologies.

Only the United States can do this because:

1) USA are the most powerful state in the world,

2) USA are the center of post-industrial trends,

3) they have the biggest motivation in the development of Ukraine.

Therefore the United States will give Ukraine more and more advanced and productive products and technologies. Moreover Ukraine can become a training ground for those achievements that cannot be realized in the US because of the resistance of the old system.

In Ukraine, there is almost no such resistance after the victory of ZE Project. The industrial organization is rapidly entering into stupor and disintegration.

How risky is it?

The interaction with the USA is not the threat to Ukraine of losing its identity.

First, only nationalist Ukraine, which firmly holds on its ethnic roots, can stand. So Americans are interested in its nationalist policy.

Secondly, national solidarity is a common deep ideological basis of Ukraine and the United States.

Third, Ukraine and the United States belong to the fourth quadra, so they are psychologically compatible.

Moreover, their dominant collective sociotypes, the Peacemaker (Ethical-Intuitive Introvert or INFj) and the Administrator (Logical-sensory extravert or ESTj), are dual, that is complementary.

Due to the dual interaction Ukraine and the United States are going to become closer to their true essence - the state of free, hardworking and religious people.

Protectorate is always a temporary measure. It is justified only at the stage of growing up of those who are being cared for. It is safe when a teacher, a coach, a mentor, a patron or an advocate is genuinely interested in developing of his protege.

This fully corresponds and agrees with the current Ukrainian-American relations and their common interests.

How it works

The American protectorate on Ukraine is already valid. It has both visible and hidden aspects.

Let`s have a look at what lies on the surface.

1. Modern Ukraine is actually governed by oligarchs. Behind every influential political force is either one or another oligarch. However, the oligarchs have shown their state-making failure, so they will be devoid of political influence. Americans are already actively engaged in this. Firtash and Kolomoyskyi are only the first signs. Influencing the oligarchs, the USA have an impact on the organizational pyramids subordinated to these oligarchs, and thus on the entire state.

2. In 2016 the ruling class first lit up their property. The majority of this ruling class is parasitic and its property is shameful.

There is no doubt that the US financial intelligence structures have convincing dossiers to establish productive cooperations with all this "elite".

3. Ukraine is dependent on IMF loans provided against corruption and economic reform. Any Ukrainian government is interested in cooperating with this structure, and the United States have a leading role in it.

4. The USA have been already assisting Ukraine with money, weapons, technologies, building infrastructure as well as intelligence service and military training. A lot of Ukrainians studied in the USA.

5. The majority of Ukrainians tend to cooperate with the USA, not with Russia. First of all because Americans are much richer than Russians are and  the USA traditionally make their partners richer.

What is the benefit from Zelensky team for Ukraine

It is paradoxical, but in the situation of protectorate the use of the newly elected "green populists" lies in their incompetence. The lower the overall intellectual level, the less the ability to sabotage useful transformations. The softer the glove is, the more comfortable it is; the more resilient the "green team" is, the less it will resist the experienced American hand.

This is no longer the future, but the current reality.

As the political scientist Kost Bondarenko said, «ZE Project» is a joint-stock company owned by Americans. That is why despite the stupid things of the new power, Ukraine's strategic policy of development is unchanged. Ukraine should become the most developed country in Europe in alliance with the United States.

Formation of Ukrainian elite

A temporary US protectorate over Ukraine gives it five or ten years to form its own governing elite.

The 2019 elections showed that it can be formed mainly by the bright and intelligent Ukrainians of the fourth quadra.

An important issue is the development of the own post-industrial model by Ukrainians themselves.

So we are aimed at researching the Aryan outlook, the philosophy of success, nationalism, the law system, demosocratic organization, psychological compatibility, healing, rejuvenation and rising to to level of positive events.

Let's do it!

Author: Ihor Kahanets, editor-in-chief of "National Observer"  AR25.org

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