Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Ukraine study program for summer 2003 entitled ”Trypillian Civilization”

The Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Ukraine, is offering a study course about Trypillian Civilization. During the month of June of 2003, for the first time, the course becomes available to students from North America. This course is taught in English and will be held in Ukraine.

It provides an introduction to the Trypillian culture and is taught by leading Ukrainian scientists in the field. The course contains 3 credit hours of class instruction, seminars and field trips. It includes trips to archaeological excavations, a Ukrainian village, various Trypillian museums, a Trypillian ceramics studio and more. The program provides not only historical and archaeological knowledge about an ancient civilization, but a possibility to experience ancient Ukraine through the eyes of modern man.

Personal experience of archeological excavations of ancient sites cannot be substituted. Hands-on knowledge about cultural elements, which have persisted through millennia, is invaluable. This experience will be provided to students in combination with an academic University course and direct communication with the scientists in the field. This program is not only an introduction to the 7,000 years old Trypillian culture and Ukrainian history, but it, also, offers lessons about cultures in general, how they function and develop.

In the month of June 2003, students will fly to Ukraine for this Program Study Course. They will be met at the airport, housed, transported, and supervised during their study and travel in Ukraine. At first, students will have some time in Kyiv, attending classes at The Kyiv Mohyla Academy. They will visit Kyiv museums and historical sites. After Kyiv, they will be taken by bus to the vicinity of a Trypillian village for one week of fieldwork and hands-on studies.

During this time, students will be living in a Ukrainian village, close to the Trypillian excavation site. They will have a chance to take part in archaeological work, meet Ukrainian students and scholars, and travel to neighboring villages. There, they will see decorative patterns, house layouts and other elements of the Ukrainian way of life that have not changed for millennia. This part of the program will have extracurricular lessons in the Ukrainian language.

After this part of the program students will be taken by bus through Ukraine, with stops at different cities, as described in our program, to explore nearby archeological excavation sites, local museums showing ancient culture, as well as experience contemporary Ukrainian city life. Dr. M. Videiko will supervise special trips to several archeological excavations where students will be able to experience the work of an archeologist firsthand and to see Trypillian artifacts outside of a museum. The program ends in the city of Lviv, from where students fly back home.

Після цієї частини програми студентів автобусом повезуть через Україну, роблячи зупинки в різних місцях, як описано в нашій програмі, для дослідження прилеглих територій археологічних розкопок

Students who complete this study-course successfully and pass the final exam will receive 3 credit hours from the Kyiv Mohyla Academy. To apply for this program, students must request an application package. It can be done by e-mail, regular mail, or on the phone from:

Kolos Corporation, 5841 Colfax Ave, Alexandria, VA 22311

phone: (703) 593-8522, e-mail:


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