The existential enemy of the United States of America. Russia, China or the European Union?

In fact neither Russia, nor China, nor any other state is a deadly threat to the United States. Only the combined Russian-Chinese bloc sponsored by the European Union is the threat.


Континентальний блок - Continental Bloc
Континентальний блок - Continental Bloc

A triad of global power

As you know, there are three main means of influence and power - knowledge, wealth and force. Accordingly, preconditions for states as global players are a high level of creativity, a powerful economy and a strong army.

The USA is the only superpower today

Only the USA are in possession of these three obligatory components of superpower. They are the world's center of innovations, they have the most powerful economics (24% of world GDP) and the most powerful army.

China is a factory of the world

China is not a superpower because it cannot compete with the USA in the domains mentioned above. China has only a strong economics (15% of GDP), the second one after the United States. China's creative potential is usually deals with stealing innovations from the USA and Europe. Despite of its increasing military power China has traditionally been unable and unwilling to fight. Its conquest is a slow penetration to other countries' economies. China's main weapon is money and corruption.

Russia is the world predator

At the economic level Russia is not even in the ranking of tentop of the most developed countries. The GDP of Russia does not exceed 2% in the world ranking. With regards to creativity, Russia always plagiarized Western discoveries and developments. Now it is lagging even behind China as it sells mainly raw materials to China and buys there high-tech equipment.

Russia's world championship is not in economscs and innovations. Russia's focus is on warfare. Conquering and threatening other nations is the Russian national idea. The Russians see the aggressive policies of their country as natural and only possible for it. Any other state of its being is detrimental for it. The Russian Federation is the second military power next to the United States.

Western Europe means Knowledge and Technology

With Britain leaving the European Union, Germany and France have a leading role in the EU. Germany has the most powerful economy in Europe (4.6% of world GDP). France is economically weaker (3% of GDP) but it has nuclear weapons and the remains of a colonial empire.

Old Europe is concerned with own comfort and therefore even less warlike than China. Moreover, Europe has neither military basis in the world, neither an army, only national armies. It is reluctant to defend itself. Its main trump card is a high level of science and technology, including financial one.

Because of the dominance of the leftist ideology and leveling and consequently the orientation towards mediocrity the European Union is losing its creative potential. Nevertheless in comparison with Russia and China Western Europe remains absolutely creative leader.

Anti-American bloc of EU, RF and China

Anti-American sentiments are uniting factors for China, Russia, Germany and France. The basis for their hostility to the USA is the leftist ideology of statism - from European Social Democracy to Chinese Communism. The meaning of statism is the domination of a parasitic state apparatus over amorphous crowds.

On the other side of the ideological pole is the US republicanism, that is national solidarity in other words. This is right ideology, so their state is a product of creativity of free armed people. Republicanism is a kind of nationalism.

As it was already mentioned, there are three main means of influence - knowledge, wealth, power. The world superpower should be in a leading position on each of the designated means. At present only the United States own this global triad of power. None of the main US competitors (the EU, the Russian Federation and China) owns this triad. However, this triad can be constructed as the result of their unification: the EU is "knowledge", China is "wealth", the Russian Federation is "force".

The existential enemy and it formation

An existential enemy is the enemy who is able to terminate your existence, that means to destroy your institutional and social organisation as well as the physical exsistence at all. Neither the EU, the Russian Federation nor China are the existential threat to the USA if on their own. Only their union as a Continental bloc could be such a threat to the United States. Nowadays it is being actively formed and this is evidenced by objective figures.

Russian-Chinese trade is undergoing a rapid transition to the EU currency: during the past year a share in euro increased 54 times - from 0.7% in the first quarter of 2018 to 37.6% in the first quarter of 2019. At the same time during the past year the share in yuan in Russia's foreign exchange reserves has increased 147 times.

German companies are steadily increasing their investments in Russia. Russia's main trading partners are 1) China and 2) Germany. Nord Stream-2 is the unofficial shape of the EU-RF Union.

Since 2016 China has been Germany's main trading partner. China actively assists Russia in creating an autonomous and fully state-controlled Internet. Russia opens higher education institutions in China. However the military and technical cooperation is paramount in relations between Russia and China, especially in the field of space militarization in particular.

The cooperation between Russia and China is synergistic: with the powerful agent and corruption resource the Russians help the Chinese invade Europe and take control under the entire sectors of its economy. Both states are undermining the foundations of Western democracy, promoting leftist ideology and the dictatorial model of a state.

It should be emphasized that the formation of the EU-RF-China bloc as an existential threat to the United States is hidden but is being implemented decisively and with an increasing acceleration.

Is it possible to stop the formation of the Continental Bloc?

The formation of the Russian-Chinese union can not be stopped any more. It became obvious after the escalation of the trade war between the USA and China.

Previously China had a supercilious attitude towards Russia but today it has realized that without Russian military and political support it can lose the competition with the United States for sure.  

A symbolic start of a new phase of rapprochement between the Russian Federation and China was a demonstrative joint patrol of airspace near South Korea on July 23, 2019. The Russian Defense Ministry said the operation was "the first or joint air patrol using long-range aircraft in the Asia-Pacific region". 

So the Russian-Chinese alliance is not just possible in the future, but is already established and made public by actions. These countries are mutually attracted not only beecause of the USA as their common enemy, but also by the national mentality, the dictatorial models of their states with intellectual parasitism and the general policy towards the formation of an ultra-industrial society.

Ultra-industrial society is the same industrial dictatorship, but radically enhanced by computerized surveillance technology, control and brainwashing technologies.

Western Europe can be influenced with the aim to prevent the formation of a slave-owning Continental Bloc. Without the European innovations, knowledge and technology the Continental bloc will not be formed.

Author: Ihor Kahanets, editor-in-chief of "National Observer"  AR25.org

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