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Apery, third level: coronavirus fraud history and its consequences

Моя оцінка корисності цієї статті: 
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If you want to understand a phenomenon look at what it originated from. SARS-CoV-2 would not have been even paid attention to unless China had been harshly defeated in the economic war against the United States of America. The Chinese communists desperately needed a "small victorious war" therefore they made a reality show. But no war ever goes according to plan.

Small victorious War

Covid-19 began in communist China, exactly speaking with Beijing’s euphoria of the "Chinese model" success and the desire to "tighten the screw" in Hong Kong moreover. However, with the draft law on extradition from Hong Kong to China, the Communists crossed the line that led to mass protests in summer and autumn 2019.

Almost the whole  free world has shown solidarity with freedom-loving Hong Kong, while the Chinese government was harshly criticized. The Communists were reminded of all their past crimes, they were accused of all mortal sins. Information about the emergence of a new strain of coronavirus in December 2019 was another reason for criticism, especially in social networks.

The Chinese communist government effectively controls the Chinese Internet, so all anti-government content was carefully cleaned up. As for the new coronavirus discovered by Chinese virologists, it was almost ignored. It was the usual seasonal virus. It would have remained ignored if China had not been severely defeated in the economic war against the United States.

The "Act of Surrender" in the form of a trade agreement was signed on January 15, 2020 at the White House. On behalf of the United States the agreement was signed by US President Donald Trump. Contrary to the protocol for the Chinese side the humiliating agreement was signed by Vice Premier of the State Council of China Liu He.

It was a powerful blow not only to China's ambitions in the world, but also to the communist government inside the country. The legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party has been based on economic growth for the last decades. But the trade agreement signed during the of riots in Hong Kong showed the vulnerability of the communist government. The ruling elite urgently needed to divert attention from its defeat and demonstrate some widescale victory. It was necessary to find a resonant problem that could be solved in a short period of time for sure.

In other words communists desperately needed “a small victorious War”. A small victorious war is an aphorism that means distracting attention from internal problems, aimed at provoking patriotic hysteria in society and increasing public support for the current government, that failed and was unsuccessful in achieving its policy.

In January 2020 a noise was raised around the “Chinese Coronavirus” criticizing Chinese power. Of course, the viral danger was greatly exaggerated, so there was a resonant problem for “a small victorious War”.

Specialists from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, who identified the new coronavirus, were able to monitor the course of the disease. They understood that, contrary to hostile rumors, the new coronavirus is similar to the usual seasonal viruses, so in spring the infection will inevitably decline. Therefore, SARS-CoV-2, as it was later called, was the "perfect enemy" for a small victorious war. So it was enough to start staging that had to include: 1) inflating the threat, 2) decisive struggle, 3) triumphant victory, 4) Chinese communism PR throughout the world.

And on January 20, five days after signing "capitulation" in the trade war with the United States, China suddenly announced 136 new cases of infection in Wuhan and told about sick people in Beijing and Guangdong province. At the same time the Chinese authorities almost stopped fighting with reports of infection on the Internet, even with fake ones. Since then information about a new "terrible epidemic" began to spread like an avalanche.

On January 24, 2020, Wuhan was closed for quarantine. The show began. Foreign observers were shocked that traditionally closed and secretive China suddenly began to cover events with unprecedented openness, practically in a reality show mode.

Taking into account the rapid reaction of the Chinese that is very unusual for them the scenario of "victory over the epidemic" and "salvation of mankind" was written before signing the agreement with the United States, on the eve of January 15, 2020.  

It was not worth showing the Chinese this film
It was not worth showing the Chinese this film

Apery, first level

The Chinese have surpassed themselves in forming a terrible picture. It looked as if the metropolis of Wuhan had been attacked by bacteriological weapons from space aliens.

It seems that the plot is based on the science fiction thrillers "The Andromeda Strain" of 1971 and "Contagion" of 2011. In "Contagion" the infection began in Hong Kong and the virus was a symbiosis of a sick pig and a mad bat.

It is not difficult to guess that the film "Contagion" was a reaction of the pharmaceutical lobby to the scandal erupted in 2010 as for the fictional epidemic of "swine flu". PACE experts admitted: there was no pandemic of influenza AH1N1, the panic was boosted by the WHO.

In fact, the film promotes the most favorable scenario for manufacturers of vaccines, test systems, protective clothing and more.

Anyway Wuhan, completely blocked, the house arrest of all its inhabitants, a mega-hospital built in 10 days and people in spacesuits disinfecting the streets made an unforgettable impression on the audience.

This is not a movie
This is not a movie. This is a real worker in a protective suit carries out a senseless "anti-virus disinfection" of the streets in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China (Reuters).

Obviously, this show had nothing to do with actions against respiratory infections. 

Virologists debunked the bluff immediately, but not a lot of people listened to them. Instead the Chinese Communist Party got the desired results that included:

  • the mechanism of blocking the whole country and certain regions was worked out;
  • digital control of all communications, personal contacts, social groups and connections;
  • a blow against the the middle class which is the greatest threat to any dictatorship;
  • improved face recognition system in masks ;
  • a census;
  • end of the protests in Hong Kong;
  • advertising the Chinese communist model in the world.

A war never goes according to plan

The main purpose of the coronavirus scam launched by the Chinese Communists was preserving absolute power. It has been always the highest value for them that can’t be compared with anything else, including economy. So to say, just power, nothing personal.

However the “wise” Chinese did not calculate the wider consequences of this venture. It should be mentioned that the Chinese have never be famous for their strategic thinking. The prominent expert and scholar who investigates China Alexey Maslov argues that China is able to act adequately in the short term only, namely within a year. The naive attempt to deceive everyone with the "contagion-2019" confirms once again this feature of Chinese thinking.

What were the Chinese communists mistaken? They did not take into account that pretty well overheated global economy had been waiting for another cyclical crisis for several years. All that was needed was a convenient excuse. So many powerful players immediately joined the "small victorious war".

Who are they? Here are the most important players.

  • The media, interested in attracting attention by inflating sensations, especially to threatening news.
  • The upper echelons of power interested to enhance their influence by means of increasing power and controlling money flows.
  • The international bureaucracy, especially WHO, which after making money due to the swine flu scam in 2009 has been waiting for a new opportunity to get rich.
  • The pharmaceutical industry, manufacturers of different kinds of senseless «tamiflues» and vaccines as well as protective clothing, masks, disinfectants, etc.
  • Banks and other financial institutions that needed to write off bad debts and get rid of the most burdensome obligations.
  • Corporate executives who needed to justify their mistakes, put blame on others, write off unprofitable and loss-making investments, etc.

The current global "obvious - incredible" situation has become the consequence of combination of all these diverse interests. Each player had his own plan but the result was something that no one dreamed of.

Apery, second level

But let's go back to China and its naive coronavirus scam based on the plots of science fiction Hollywood movies. The Italian leftists who came to power in 2018 on the wave of populism really liked the Chinese experience. They decided to raise their popularity by more ardent "care for the population" than it was in communist China. But if the Chinese authorities blocked only one region the Italian followers blocked the whole country. The Italian philosopher and lawyer Giorgio Agamben described actions of the authorities as "crazy, irrational and absolutely unfounded."

Italian media launched a hysterical panic, the authorities imposed a strict quarantine, the hospital system could not withstand the influx and collapsed even heavily than in the 2017/2018 season. The additional mortality in some regions was also caused by dubious instructions of the medical authorities. They recommended that people with fever stay at home for at least 7-10 days. As a result pneumonia patients did not receive timely treatment. The fact that the Italians were already well intimidated by the film "Inferno" (2016), in which the events surrounding the "hell virus" take place in Italy, also contributed to the panic. The events around the “infernal virus” shown in the movie take place in Italy.

Apery, third level

The craziest quarantine that was absolutely senseless and ruthless was organized by the "green team" of left-wing populists in Ukraine. The worst worldwide examples were copied and brought them to absurdity with maniacal determination. The experience of Japan, South Korea, Sweden, the Netherlands and even "brotherly Belarus" was completely ignored. The source of inspiration and apery for the "green team" was the Italian quarantine, copied by Italian leftists from the Chinese pseudo-Hollywood reality show.    

Peculiarities of "green-team" quarantine:

  • illegality – outright and brutal violation of the Constitution;
  • absolute absence of epidemic, read Why Ukrainians are not taken by the coronavirus: the peculiarities of demography and propaganda;
  • blocking of long-distance passenger communication and city public transport including the underground trains (such idiocy has not been shown in any country in the world);
  • mass destruction of spring agricultural;
  • requirement to wear masks even in empty of people streets;
  • prohibition of leaving home without a passport;
  • house arrest for anyone over 60 years of age;
  • prohibition of walking in groups of more than two people, even in masks;
  • prohibition of visiting parks, gardens, forests, coasts of reservoirs (except for walking dogs);
  • prohibition for children going outside without their parents;
  • freezing the judicial system (more than 5 thousand court hearings were postponed);
  • control of private payments from 5000 hryvnias ($200) with possible blocking of accounts without explanations.

It is easy to guess that the purpose of these measures was to intimidate the population, suppress the will to resist, destroy small and medium-sized businesses that are competitors for the oligarchy. It was a blow for the middle class, weakening of the natural immunity of the population, increasing its dependence on the pharmaceutical industry, the preparation for   general mandatory vaccination, total control of the population, absolute power.

Well, what can be said? Dreaming is not harmful. The more you compress the spring, the stronger it will release its power.


From the very beginning the Chinese epidemic has raised many questions among experts. For example, it was unclear why 90% of diseases were concentrated in Wuhan, although this city is the center of domestic passenger traffic and the spread of coronavirus began in December 2019.

It seemed that the Chinese authorities aimed at presenting this megacity demonstratively as a center of infection with a new unknown disease.

This was stated in the official version of the origin of the disease: “Experts of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have successfully isolated the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in the environmental samples of a seafood market in Wuhan, indicating that the virus stems from wild animals on sale at the market”, wrote the Chinese state news agency Xinhua wrote the Chinese state agency Xinhua on January, 26 this year.

Chinese statistics looked threatening but in late March it became clear that the Chinese did not include information about asymptomatic infected, so the danger of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 was exaggerated a hundred times. As a German doctor, an infectious diseases specialist and microbiologist Sucharit Bhakdi said 99.5% of people infected with coronavirus have no symptoms or have mild symptoms.

Moreover it quickly turned out that this coronavirus did not affect the quantitative indicators and structure of natural mortality at all. Since the current coronavirus along with the other seasonal viruses is a natural process the introduction or non-introduction of quarantine by different countries did not significantly influence on its spread.

It is senseless to oppose nature. Fighting seasonal viruses is like fighting with coming summer or winter.

The Chinese authorities have shown a strict quarantine to the world and presented it as a role model to follow. However the introduction of the quarantine in China took place “after the number of coronavirus patients reached its maximum, and people have already received or almost received herd immunity. Therefore quarantine measures had a very insignificant effect on the course of the epidemic and a decrease in the number of patients”, said Knut M. Wittkowski, Ph.D., an American epidemiologist.

WHO praised the Quarantine in China and actively escalated panic at the same time. The WHO report about the situation of February 6-24, 2020 reported that in the initial phase of the disease outbreak mortality was 17.3%, as regards people over 80 it reaches 21.9%.

The WHO activities were so inadequate that the United States suspected it of colluding with China and stopped funding the organization.

The President of the USA Donald Trump said on April, 14: “The WHO failed in this basic duty and must be held accountable”. He said that WHO had promoted China's “disinformation” about the virus “that likely led to a wider outbreak than otherwise would have occurred”.

At the same time the US intelligence services were ordered to analyze carefully all available information including communications and satellite images to find out what China and the WHO were hiding.

The main question is: Why did the American economy suffered losses of trillions of dollars?

Massive testing in California showed that the mortality rate of COVID-19 was 28-55 times lower than expected and corresponds to the mortality rate of normal seasonal flu.

Thus the cause of the global economic collapse was not the seasonal coronavirus but the deliberate misinformation of the Chinese government.  The panic was inflated by irresponsible media and picked up by dishonest politicians.

Trap for fools and Sticky flypaper

The more totalitarian the state systems are the more severely they reacted to the coronavirus panic and thus revealed their true nature.

The leaders of states based on Statism ideology fell greedily to their favorite things: to forbid, to oppress and to punish.

Statism is the domination of the state apparatus over the people. It can manifest itself from social democracy to socialism and communism. The strictest general quarantine was introduced in France, Germany, Russia and China.

It is interesting that Russian authorities were initially indifferent to the new virus and treated it as a simple seasonal infection. This was clear from the rhetoric of the Moscow propaganda machine. However the reaction changed to the opposite side as soon as Moscow realized the real purpose of this Chinese special operation which meant strengthening the central government, intimidation of the population and digital dictatorship.

Belarus, Sweden, Japan and South Korea most adequately responded to this artificial panic. These are the countries that you can be friends with because they are friends with their mind. In Belarus it was mostly thanks to common sense of the President Lukashenko, in Sweden a good balanced political system helped.

US President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson were initially inclined to use the "Swedish model". However the hysteria of the left-wing media was so fierce that maintaining calm in the face of mass psychosis could have ruined their political careers. That's why Trump and Johnson used the well-known principle: "If a process can't be stopped it must be led".

Trump used the coronavirus excitement for limiting migration to the United States, returning productions from other countries, especially from China to the United States, and even to increase his chance of being reelected president in November 2020. So American taxpayers   received a letter from Donald Trump with his signature together with a check for 1,200 dollars.

Even blacks began to say to each other that "Trump is a real nigga."

Ukraine is one of those countries where the government has completely failed the test of common sense. Frankly speaking the very mention of the behavior of "clowns and boxers" causes a gag reflex. If in the other countries the ruling class has somehow increased its influence or done something a little bit useful during the corona crisis the apery of the "green team" is  shame and disgrace, absence of law and nonsense actions. Petty ventures with masks from China, tricky schemes and mere window dressing for idiots can intensify the disgust.

The global corona crisis became a “sticky flypaper”. It exhibited general show fools, swindlers and cowards. The next step is public assessment and organizational conclusions.

The political evaluation has already begun. On April 22, 2020 Herbert Kickl, an Austrian politician who served as Austria's minister of the Interior from 2017 to 2019  clearly explained from the rostrum of the Austrian Parliament why the Federal Chancellor of Austria and his government were pursuing a destructive totalitarian policy around coronavirus.

On April 23, 2020 Municipal Court in Prague ruled that the government “struggling spunky against the pandemic” had illegally restricted the freedom of movement of citizens and closed outlets.

It is obvious that in the next election cycle opposition political forces will recall the "flies" their attempt to usurp power, brazen lies, stupidity and cowardice.

What’s next? Big Track Switch

The current corona crisis has been a trigger for accelerated transition from industrial to a new formation for the mankind. Depending on whether freedom or slavery wins in a specific country it will be a post-industrial formation or an ultra-industrial one.

China and Russia have already fallen into the ultra-industrial black hole of digital dictatorship and total slavery.

The future of other countries depends on the middle class and its organization. The most interesting events will likely happen in Ukraine and the United States.

The situation in Ukraine was especially poignant because the lockdown made by the "green team" totally corresponded to the structure of Holodomor (The Great Famine of 1933) when the authorities of the USSR opened pawnshops. The "green team" authorities in Ukraine blocking small and medium-sized businesses opened pawnshops while the other shops were closed.

All perversions of the “95th kvartal” comedy show team (formed the “green team” after Zelensky became president of Ukraine) open up huge political opportunities for Ukrainians. This anti-Ukrainian thesis is necessary for more active and deeper development of the Ukrainian thesis.

We are really being pushed to form a mass movement of the middle class. And we will do it.

In ukrainian: Мавпування третього рівня: історія коронавірусної афери та її наслідки (+аудіо)

Author: Ihor Kahanets, editor-in-chief of "National Observer"  AR25.org
Ukraine, Kyiv,
May 2, 2020
If you are interested in developing this subject,
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Let’s accelerate the transition to a post-industrial society creating a Free Ukrainian State.

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Таке відчуття ,що хтось мудро направляє події у потрібне русло.

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Про поточну ситуацію влучно висловився Олександр Розов:

"Так званий світопорядок, що існував понад 30 років, убитий неадекватною спробою політеліт врятувати цей світопорядок шляхом коронавірусної афери.

Замість поступової деконструкції застарілої системи, вийшло історично миттєве обвалення. Світопорядок зірвався в штопор, і поки ще падає, розвалюючись на фрагменти.

Зустріч з ґрунтом імовірна у вересні-жовтні 2020 року, і тільки тоді сила головного руйнівного удару стане доступна в безпосередньому відчутті".


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У результаті постановочної "боротьби з епідемією" відбулась колосальна легітимізація комуністичного правління в Китаї, влада зміцнилася дуже серйозно, про зміну керівництва КПК вже ніхто не говорить.

Про це повідомив сходознавець професор Олексій Маслов 12 травня 2020 у прямому ефірі.

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Відгук з Америки письменника Ярослава Мартинюка на груповий переклад англійською :

"Дякую, Зірко.
Переклад зрозумілий.
Я засвоїв рідко вживане / побачене слово: apery - «акт імітації поведінки чи манери когось, особливо в абсурдному чи бездумному вигляді».
Усі названі в статті актори брали участь у панічному налагодженні, оскільки, як підказує твір, їм є що виграти.
Зрозуміло, прогресисти відкинуть все це як змову.
Бачу, що ти часто коментуєш на різні теми. Славко".

Творимо разом Вільну Українську Державу Гартленд !

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Приємно отримати відгук від такої видатної людини.

Уточню, що стаття насправді відкидає ідею всесвітньої змови.

Змовою було лише наївне прагнення Китаю ошукати світ. Далі почалася гра інтересів великої кількості гравців. І відбулося те, що не міг передбачити жоден "змовник".

Проте це лише перший акт глобальної стратегічної Гри.

Зірка Вітошинська wrote:
Відгук з Америки письменника <a href="https://www.ar25.org/node/38465" class="bb-url" rel="nofollow">Ярослава Мартинюка</a> на груповий переклад англійською :
"Дякую, Зірко.
Переклад зрозумілий.
Я засвоїв рідко вживане / побачене слово: apery - «акт імітації поведінки чи манери когось, особливо в абсурдному чи бездумному вигляді».
Усі названі в статті актори брали участь у панічному налагодженні, оскільки, як підказує твір, їм є що виграти.
Зрозуміло, прогресисти відкинуть все це як змову.
Бачу, що ти часто коментуєш на різні теми. Славко".

Все, що робиться з власної волі, – добро!

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Китайські комуняки продовжують коронавірусне безумство. Труять віруси якоюсь хлоркою чи дустом. Одне слово, побудова ультраіндустріального концтабору йде ударними темпами.

Додав фото сьогоднішнього Пекіну від китаєзнавця Олексія Маслова.

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З’явилась інформація про те, що під шумок панівний клан КПК добряче зачистив опозиційний клан, зосереджений передусім у Вухані.

Тут відео - посилання.

Все, що робиться з власної волі, – добро!