What draws millennials to socialism even as it fails elsewhere? Start with being woke and broke.

A generation of single, childless and mostly urban youth feels cheated that their high-priced degrees did not earn them competitive salaries. Millions of embittered college graduates will never be...

Is the Azov Battalion a terrorist organization as 40 US House Democrats claim?

The Azov Battalion is not a militia organization, as the US legislators claim. Giving the Azov Battalion such a definition is a serious mistake at least. Тhe Azov Battalion is a regular regiment of...

Is America Becoming Sinicized?

There wasn’t a single major Western politician who warned the world of a frightening, Chinese-dominated future — one in which the West turned into China rather than China into the West. The single...
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China lashes out at Western businesses as it tries to cut support for Hong Kong protests

Well-known brands including Tiffany and the NBA have felt China’s wrath

Is China Heading for Crisis?

The protests in Hong Kong accelerate the contradictions in Beijing.
Континентальний блок - Continental Bloc

The existential enemy of the United States of America. Russia, China or the European Union?

In fact neither Russia, nor China, nor any other state is a deadly threat to the United States. Only the combined Russian-Chinese bloc sponsored by the European Union is the threat.
For your and our Freedom! За вашу і нашу свободу!

American booster: Ukraine's post-industrial transition will be under US protectorate ...

It is paradoxical, but the use of the newly elected "green populists" lies in their incompetence. The more elastic a glove is, the easier it is to be ruled. ZE Project is a joint-stock company owned...

Advantages of renting a car in Ukraine

Even if you use the car 1-2 times a month, maintenance costs will remain unchanged. Every year you have to buy an insurer, pay for inspection and tax. Part of the money will go to the parking lot.

Interception of management: historical examples and lessons for the future

To capture control, the enemy uses the weaknesses of the leaders. These may include physical disadvantages, financial hardship, excessive trust, inferiority complexes. However, the main cause of...

Are we asking the right questions about vaccination and children’s health?

Vaccines, considered by many as one of the top-ten public health achievements of the 20th century, are “powerful medical interventions.” 1 Vaccines are thought to work by priming the immune system to...

HOW KYIV WON EUROVISION: Ukraine scores soft power triumph with festive song contest

Ukrainian hosts seize the opportunity to underline country’s European credentials and polish international image. May 2017 is likely to go down in history as a landmark month in the epic odyssey of...

UKRAINE'S TIME TO SHINE. Here’s all you need to know about taking a holiday in Kiev, the city hosting this weekend...

This weekend the spotlight is being cast on Ukrainian city of Kiev, thanks to their hosting of the 2017 Eurovision finals. The capital, which has long been a favourite with stag do’s thanks to its...

Russia accused of hindering UK money laundering investigations

Head of National Crime Agency unit says Russian officials will not say if money entering UK is from proceeds of crime.

Trump Isn’t Sounding Like a Russian Mole

Trump’s core global strategy is intended to destroy any illusions in Moscow that Russia is a peer competitor of Washington’s. A Trump administration is going to be four years of hell for Russia

The Spirit of America: Massive Pro-Trump Demonstrations Nationwide planned

Conservative grassroots leaders are planning a series of massive pro-President Donald Trump rallies nationwide, Breitbart News has learned exclusively. On Feb. 27 and March 4, the rallies—dubbed the...

Five policies Trump might get right

Нis election was legitimate, and his inauguration is inevitable. All of us have a duty to oppose Mr. Trump when he is wrong, but also to remain open to supporting him when he and the Republican-...



Within the field of positive psychology, particularly informed by the work of the late researcher Christopher Peterson of the University of Michigan, optimism is defined as the expectation that the future will be socially desirable, good, and pleasurable.

Research suggests that optimistic people enjoy concrete, long-term benefits to their health and happiness. However, Peterson has identified some downsides to optimism, if taken to extremes. "Optimism in the form of wishful thinking," he writes, "can distract people from making concrete plans about how to attain goals." And "unrelenting optimism" can prevent people from proceeding with the kind of caution that might often be necessary in the wake of a challenge.

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Creator is the one who created the universe. In different traditions it is called differently: Svarog, Ishvara and just God.
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Reversing the combustion process to convert CO2 into ethanol

The danger of the ever-increasing levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in Earth's atmosphere has become one of the most pressing issues of our age. As such, much research has been conducted to find ways...



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Lion - class of mammals, cat family.



Лев - цар звірів

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