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We, Ukrainian Americans for Trump, thank the President for being a staunch ally of Ukraine


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But, in the twenty nine years since, the White House has been mostly WRONG on Ukraine.

In his 1991 “Chicken Kyiv” speech, George H. W. Bush reprimanded Ukraine for its pursuit of independence as “a form of suicidal nationalism.”

Bill Clinton’s Budapest Memorandum mandated Ukraine abandon its defensive weapons making it and Europe weaker against its enemies.

The failure to provide Ukraine and Georgia with NATO membership resulted in Georgia losing 20% of its territory to Russian occupation.

Crimea was invaded and the White House, with Joe Biden as VP, demanded that Ukrainians not defend their own sovereignty.

The same administration vetoed lethal aid that would strengthen Ukraine’s defense and the security of Europe.

All of these decisions came from an ingrained world view that sought to vanquish the dreams and aspirations people realize with freedom.

President Donald Trump has set in motion a path in hopes of make things RIGHT!

Despite the fact that those who seek to destroy our country from within used a conversation with the Ukrainian President as the weapon of choice to falsely accuse and unsuccessfully attempt to impeach President Trump, his commitment to Ukraine never wavered.

Facing this and other serious domestic challenges, he has continued to keep military training and aid flowing to Ukraine and, for the first time since Ukraine’s independence, delivered and allowed use of US lethal weapons.

He also approved the sale of enough advanced missile-equipped patrol boats to destroy much of Russia’s Black Sea fleet.

In addition, he has approved missiles for Poland to bolster East Europe’s air defenses, persuaded NATO members to accept their financial and military responsibilities, authorized the largest ever US military deployment in the region by reassigning a US Stryker brigade to a naval base near the Black Sea, moving troops from Germany to Poland and along with sanctions, is forming a coalition of countries to stop the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

All of these actions directly and indirectly enhance Ukraine’s national security.

We, Ukrainian Americans for Trump, thank the President for being a staunch ally of Ukraine, will further support these unprecedented efforts and urge all Ukrainian Americans, as well as all American citizens to vote for a second Donald J. Trump term for President of the United States.

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and "UKRAINIAN WEEKLY" October 18, 2020

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Submitted by Зірка Вітошинська on 28 October, 2020 - 19:58

We pray for you regularly, Mr President ! MAGA must triumph !!!

Творимо разом Вільну Українську Державу Гартленд !

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Submitted by Микола Стригунов on 29 October, 2020 - 19:03

Але, ж, найбільшу, найважливішу роль у посиленні України повинні виконувати саме ми, бо більше нема кому...А, ми самі зараз слабкі.

Якщо прагнеш чуда - створюй його!

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Submitted by Олег Тонюк on 28 January, 2022 - 19:27

Гасло Трампа MAGAMake America Great Again тепер перетворилося на
А от Facebook'у місця у цій формулі не знайшлося :(, і він був "змушений" стати Meta!