Little Prince and money

One big country ruled by little prince Svіtlan. Although he has a name, all citizens and subjected of the country call him Little Prince. Ascended the throne being a child, he only learns to manage and to control based on the experience he still does not know how. But the little prince learns persistently and curiously.


Маленький князь

Once a counselor Svyn comes to him and recalls that it was time to pay the loan. So Little Prince decides to explore what and why they need a loan to pay it. It turns out that his country has long been living in debt. Previous rulers borrowed money from the bank Three FatMen. Although the bank is called the Three FatMen, actually four fat men owned and operated it, but fourth do not want people to know about his involvement in the bank. Therefore, hiding the existence of four fat man, they call themselves the Three FatMen. Borrowing a certain amount of money, the country is obliged over time to give more money. Only under such conditions Three FatMen agree to lend.

“But it is folly to agree to their terms!” surprisely screaming Little Prince to his adviser.

“But all predecessors have done so ...” corresponds embarrassed advisor.

“Here speculate. We take from them billion of money, and a year later have to return one billion and one hundred millions. That is a year we will be less money. If it runs on, then after a while we will have no money at all” - says Prince.

“But we can make money during this time. We can make more than one hundred millions. So, therefore, we pay the hundred millions for them the loan, yet we remain a somewhat” - insists his advisor.

“Of course, our treasury can be extended during this period through the sale of grain or the foreign caravan protection, which we allow to pass through our great enlightened with sun country. But why should we give a portion of our income to FatMen, if we can use it for your own needs? “

“Part of the profit we pay for using their money” - says Svyn.

“Correctly say, their money. So while we use their money, they became richer and thicken even more as we poorer. From now I, Prince of all great country, command to establish their own money and use only it for all my vassal lands and waters.”

“But our state borrowed money from FatMen for many years and regularly pay debts. If we reject use of their money, the fat men are offended and start a war” - says an experienced and prudent adviser.

“Understand” – says little prince – “To use their money on their terms – this is war as a result of which they rob us, confidently says Svitlan.

“You are right” - agrees old counselor, finally realizing all the hidden essence of the situation.

“So go and pick up people in the square, and I will go to them and declare the order to introduce our own money. Let give information for another places of our great country all the inhabitants use only that money, which I ordered. But let them be vigilant for fatmen can change the way in which they conduct war against us, so we have to prepare ...

And Prince called chief scribe to one prepared relevant order and counselor went convene people to announce their good news.


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