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Critical edition of the book “Mein Kampf” and the official start of Post-industrial formation

The publication of two volumes of «Hitler, Mein Kampf. Eine kritische Edition» in Germany for the first time after World War II starts clearing of Augean stables of historical lie. The research of true history of German national socialism done by German scientists inspires Ukrainians to research the history of Ukrainian nationalism.

Understanding the complex of significant events happened in Ukraine during 2015 makes possible to consider the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 as the watershed between industrial and post-industrial formations.

On the one hand, in 2015 sprouts of new technologies and geopolitics were clearly manifested, for example:

  • It was the real boom of startups in Ukraine, Ukraine has become the first country which has the biggest number of IT-specialists;
  • TV channel BrainTV about IT is being launched;
  • In 2015 a global change-over to “green” energy;
  • Vice-president of USA Joe Biden officially proclaimed the geopolitical alliance of USA with the Ukrainian people against the Ukrainian corrupted top power;
  • International public organization “Baltic – Black sea Confederation has been founded, ideas of Intermarium as a postindustrial civilization abruptly became popular.

On the other hand in 2015 we left the remnants of the old formation that are incompatible with the new epoch of the mankind. The official or non-official prohibition for scientific research, mainly in the sphere of history and human sciences, are among these remnants.

One of the remnants is a tacit ban on the research of real history of the Ukrainian civilization, Ukrainian nationalism and World War II. This ban is closely connected with the history of German national socialism and the Third Reich.

This is because German national socialists during WWII used Swarga – the ancient Ukrainian symbol and Ukraine on behalf of Ukrainian nationalists of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) led by Yevhen Konovalets and Andriy Melnyk was the Third Reich alliance.

For disintegration of this Ukrainian-German union in 1940 Moscow created an alternative national organization OUN (b) led by Richard Yary and Stepan Bandera. Richard Yary was the agent of NKVD (the predecessor of the KGB) since 1926. After 1941 the organization was managed by Mykola Lebid. Beginning from 1941 OUN (b) killed many active leaders of the original OUN – such as Mykola Sciborskiy, Omelyan Senyk, Roman Sushko. In 1943 it seized the control over Ukrainian Insurgent Army and destroyed many combat commanders.

This history was thoroughly hidden – not less thoroughly than the history of Pavlo Skoropadskiy’s Second Hetmanate and Holodomor in Ukraine.

З одного боку, Москва боялася організованого українського націоналізму, натомість підтримувана нею «бандерівщина» блокувала творення політичної організації, зводила націоналістичний рух суто до діяльності бойовиків, а відтак штовхала його на самознищення.

On the one hand, Moscow was afraid of the organized Ukrainian nationalism. And Bandera’s organization supported by it blocked the creation of the political organization and drove the nationalist movement to a pure activity of combatants pushing them to self-destruction.

On the other hand the secret instrument activated by Moscow in the WWII is still active, the special operation “Bandera’s Project” goes on, so the secrecy is still supported until now.

The current development of the special operation “Bandera’s Project” is the project “Right Sector”. Due to “Right Sector” Moscow and its agents could:

  • Prevent the formation of a new political organisation of Ukrainian nationalists leaving in this way the passionate flash of 2014-2015 without head, namely without political leadership;
  • Effectively use a propagandistic image of “banderivtsi – bandits – pravoseks” for the global information war and for horrifying the population of Europe and Russian Federation in particular, and for its consolidation around Kremlin;
  • Discredit the Ukrainian nationalism presenting it aggressive, fanatic, non-intelligent, uninteresting and uncreative.

It was unintentionally promoted by the Ukrainian organizations based on the Bandera positions – and almost all organizations are of this kind by the way, because they simply do not know anything else. But they do not know because another nationalism (not Bandera’s nationalism) is actively suppressed by mass propaganda and presented as fascism and the horrible infernal universal evil.

The publication of the book «Hitler, Mein Kampf. Eine kritische Edition» in two volumes in Germany starts clearing the Augean stables of historical lie. This outstanding scientific work was accomplished by the Institute of Contemporary History (Munich) financed by the federal government of Germany and governments of Bundeslands.

It is important not the text of Hitler’s book because the book could be possible to buy before (it was not prohibited). It is important the availability of scientific comments. It means that German state officially removes taboo on this subject and starts the normal scientific debate therefore the collective comprehension of history of the 20th century.

The process of restoration of historical justice initiated by German authorities started in 2016 January, 1 because on 2015 December, 31 was the last day of Copyright belonged to the government of Bundesland of Bavarian before. For the last 70 years the local authorities refused to sanction the reissue of the work. But on the 1st of January 2016 according to the German laws the copyright on books became a public property. The Institute of contemporary history’s site considers this edition as an important contribution to the political education.

Teachers plan to use this edition in the lessons and lectures of history. The director of Institute of contemporary history Andreas Wirsching explained the edition of the book «Mein Kampf» as scientific necessity. To his mind Hitler’s book is one of the most important sources of history of national socialism. The edition has two volumes and 2 thousand pages on the whole.

The research of true history of the German national socialism encourages Ukrainians to research the history of the Ukrainian nationalism objectively, comprehensively, dispassionately, in the context of world history.

Why it is important for us?

Because the modern Ukrainians have the historical task to found a new Ukrainian state instead the current post-USSR. This very task was proclaimed by Joe Biden in his speech in Verkhovna Rada. And to do that it is necessary to know the history of Ukrainian state creation, be familiar with highly intellectual culture of Ukrainian nationalism, know and appreciate our titans of spirit – thinkers and warriors, heroes and saints.

The main blocking factor for the development of the Ukrainian political thought and practice of state creation is absolutely spoiled mass perception of Ukrainian nationalism and its conception.  What the majority of Ukrainians think about nationalism is actually the propagandistic cover of Moscow special operation.

The transition to a new post-industrial formation demands free spread of information, its collective understanding and converting into knowledge and application. History gives knowledge about social laws and their practical realization in different conditions. Knowing history helps to avoid the old mistakes and use productive models in a proper way.

Besides it is impossible to create the post-industrial civilization of Intermarium – the Baltic-Black sea commonwealth – on the present historical lie. One of the reasons are some bitter historical factors of mutual hostility among peoples artificially made by Moscow.

The tragedy of “ Volyn massacres” separates the Poles and Ukrainians. Mutual killing was managed by Moscow by means of pro-Moscow “patisan brigades” and agents that acted from both Polish and Ukrainian sides. The true culprit of this tragedy should be pulled down the light, moreover Moscow still supports this special operation.

Moscow also carries out the system policy of spreading discord between Ukrainians and Germans because their alliances always had anti-Moscow focus. Friendly Ukrainian-German relations continued from the time of the first Bohdan Khmelnytsky’s Hetmanate and the second Pavlo Skoropadsky’s Hetmanate until the restoration of Ukrainian state in 1941. The text of a constitution of the Ukrainian state allied to the Third Reich was written by Mykola Sciborsky, the author of “Natiocracy” and “The White OUN’s Book” (a book about Yary-Bandera’s diversion. The head of the government had to become commander Omelian Senyk and the President had to be Andriy Melnyk.  

We must know and remember all friends of Ukraine, who had ever helped us economically, military, culturally or morally. Restoration of historical justice is honoring the blessed memory of our ancestors.

At the same time, it is the gate in a fair, healthy, bright future of the new Europe. It can be constructed only on the foundation of truth. Any lie which fallen into this foundation today will be destructive in many years. Truth is a key condition for the existence of post-industrial formation. Let’s be honest and fair!

It is remarkable that the official beginning of the scientific discussion of the history of German national socialism and World War II de facto declared by the government of Germany coincided with the end of the 7500 years natural and historical period and with the calendar beginning of Golden Era of the mankind on January, 1 2016.

Long live the post-industrial Europe!

Let’s create a new World!

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